| A Grain of Salt: A 2014 Original CAL LEANDROS Story
A Grain of Salt: An Original CAL LEANDROS Story by Rob Thurman - As Seen in SILVER AND SALT
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“A Grain of Salt”


New Original CAL LEANDROS Story: 04.29.13


Published by Rob Thurman

ISBN: 978-1499186932

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From the (DIY) Publishers:

Print version has a thick, glossy cover with full color interior illustrations – a definite Reaver Army collector’s item. The PDF eBook version is truest to how the author and artist dynamic-duo of Rob and Jaye intended it to look, and cheaper than the (butchered, yet functional) Kindle Direct eBook. The PDF eBook is viewable on all devices, and you do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase it. We hope you like this new Cal Leandros entry!

For the First Time in One Volume…


From furry to fey, shifters to Sidhe, monsters to madmen, and ex-divine to ex-demonic, this collection of supernaturally-spun tales by NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author Rob Thurman is bound by the spilled blood of both family and the most fatal of enemies.


Includes two anthology favorites, as well as an original CAL LEANDROS story that takes you through The Windy City as only a fourteen-year-old half-monster facing a fully human one could.


It’s winner take all and life itself is the bet.



Milk and Cookies: What does a werewolf want for Christmas?


First Ball…Last Call: Have you ever longed for a post-apocalyptic Western complete with the darkest and deadly of the Sidhe? Probably not. I wrote one anyway, and it is my favorite story ever to be spawned by my happily twisted brain.


A Grain of Salt: An original 2014 Cal Leandros Story. What happens when fourteen-year-0ld half- human, half-monster Cal Leandros meets a full human bogeyman? Hint: there is no hugging involved.


Talking Trash: A day in the life of an ex-demon and ex-angel. What do Griffin and Zeke do in their spare time when not killing demons? Whatever it might be, they do it Old Testament style. If you lie, steal, or murder, that is not a style you want to see.


“A Grain of Salt” – Mini-Excerpt


Eleven Years Ago

The man from the park followed me home.

It should panic you, right? The man behind you, taking a step each time you did. It should terrify you. It’s how the night terrors began of every kid, and much as I hated to admit it, I was a kid—not always, but sometimes. This time, kid or not, I knew it was how all their worst dreams bloomed into genuine damn life. Those footfalls mirrored any of those in every horror movie made. The monster behind, the scrape of the shoe against the asphalt, homing in on you and only you. That was the nightmare made into real life. But it wasn’t how my dark nighttime visions began. Not me. Mine had happened before that. Mine was reversed. My reality came first before crawling into my nightmares. The truth was in both of them, awake or asleep, but I’d been awake in the beginning—conscious and aware of the man in the park.

The son of a bitch who had started it all in bloodstained grass, wouldn’t he be surprised when it turned out…

I’d be the one to finish it.

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